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Quality Assurance


Imaginetics takes pride in providing our customers the best products in the industry. Our quality control center puts all products through rigorous tests prior to shipment to identify any flaws or defects that may have occurred during manufacturing, ensuring that every item we send to our customers meets their precise expectations.


Quality 3
Quality 2
Quality 1


DCC LK G-90C Coordinate Measuring Machine
32” X 28” X 24” Mip Renishaw Head
CMM Manager Software

Rockwell Hardness Tester

Electrical Conductivity Tester

DEA-MODEL IOTA 2203 Coordinate Measuring Machine
70” X 40” X 30” Mip Renishaw Head
Brown & Shapre PC-DMIS Software

24″ x 36″ Grade A Granite Surface
Plate (2 SHOP, 1 INSP.)

Webber Starrett 24″ Optical
Height Master +/-

Nikon Profile Projector

Wilson Hardness Tester

BCD 1 Milliohm Meter